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About The Contractor Connection


About Us
The Contractor Connection was created to provide homeowners, real estate professionals, investors, property managers, business owners, and fellow contractors, a company they can look to for ALL their Service, Repair and Remodeling needs. Our company serves the Los Angeles County and Ventura County areas and boasts many ongoing and repeat customers. We are the sole service provider for several entities and are grateful for the success we enjoy.

Better Business Bureau
The Contractor Connection is A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau.

Parts Readily Available
With supply and material warehouses in multiple locations, our ability to retrive needed replacement parts is expedited by this convenience. Add to this our abundantly stocked service vehicles, and immediate remedy and repair are almost certain. Especially with dozens of repair technicians on staff!

High Productivity
Assorted construction
professionals comprise our talented staff of skilled tradesmen and accomplished workmen. Their continual display of camaraderie and teamwork help our projects run smoothly and successfully. Our notable record of customer satisfaction is predicated upon our staff being able to productively work in concert with one another.

Detailed and Accurate Initial and Second Bids
Everyone for whom we work remarks about and expresses appreciation for our detailed estimating system. The precision and thoroughness reflected in our estimates assists our clients by making it easier to compare competitive proposals. We are usually asked to be "first on the scene" to provide the "first estimate", so others may then be presented with an accurate scope of needed repairs to insure continuity. This is likely, one of the main reasons we are for so many of our clients, their "favorite contractor".

California State Licensed Contractors
The Contractor Connection maintains licensing as shown below.
(First licensed in 1979)
B-1 (General Contractor/Construction)
C-10 (Electrical)
C-20 (Heating & Air Conditioning)
C-33 (Painting & Decorating)
C-36 (Plumbing)

EPA Certified RRP Firm
The Contractor Connection is EPA Certified to properly Renovate, Repair and Paint homes containing lead based paint.
(Usually homes constructed prior to 1978)

Design and Build Construction
The Contractor Connection is distinctively qualified to provide initial planning, design and architectural development, as well as sound construction and tastefully decorated homes. Our system and experience, again and again, prove to be time and cost efficient. Celebrities, Professional Athletes and Corporate Executives bolster a long list of clients impressed with our confidentiality and professionalism.

Service, Repair and Remodel
Providers of every type of Service, Repair and Remodeling for:
Real Estate Professionals, Investors, Home Warranty Companies, Property Managers, Business Owners, Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Medical Facilities, Barber Shops, and Commercial & Industrial Complexes.

Factory Authorized Service and Repair
Factory Authorized Service, Repair and Remodeling Contractor for:
Manufacturers and Suppliers of Faucets, Fixtures, Valves and other Materials,
Tank & Tankless Water Heater Manufacturers

Fellow Contractors
A significant portion of our business is dedicated to working with and supporting fellow contractors on their projects. Sometimes The Contractor Connection fills the role of a sub-contractor and at other times that of a business associate.

In these cases, we use unmarked vehicles and ordinary clothing, which allow us to blend in with our Fellow Contractors without attracting attention.

Most importantly, Fellow Contractors are impressed with how we dedicate ourselves to serving them. We become their advocate and represent them by assuming a role of assistance at any level they desire. Many times we are asked to assist with presenting an estimate to their clients and describing work to be performed. The Contractor Connection always maintain the focus of whom we represent and remain loyal to our relationship.

How We Operate.... The 4 Principles
It took years of planning to build our company. The goal was for our customers to have full confidence in services furnished by The Contractor Connection. We knew we had to develop an Action Plan to achieve our goal. Because we’re family owned and operated, our common philosophies helped us develop a plan naturally. Every methodology, procedure and protocol utilized by us, has been scrutinized and fine tuned for maximum result and efficiency. We want the way we operate to be fundamentally sound, yet genuine, so we continually focus on applying these 4 principles, to achieve our goal:

#1: Practice Honesty
Webster’s defines Honesty as, “Fairness and straightforwardness of conduct”.

Be as honest as we can by conducting business in an ethical manner, with straightforward honesty and without deception.

Do what we promise to do and under the terms and in the timeframe specified.

Interestingly, when we all wrote down what we felt were the most important principles a business should develop, Honesty and Fairness were at the top of the list for every family member.

#2: Practice Fairness
Never take advantage.

Always grant the benefit of the doubt.

#3: Be Passionate
Passion has been defined as, “An intense emotion, compelling feeling, enthusiasm or desire for something”.

Be enthusiastically passionate about everything we do.

#4: Seek Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction = Our Satisfaction

Do everything possible to make our customers feel satisfied with what we do. Pretty simple. If our customers are satisfied with what we provide, then we’ve achieved our goal and feel satisfied too.

By constantly focusing on these 4 principles, we repeatedly achieve our goal of connecting “Quality and Service”. We are very grateful that thousands of repeat customers substantiate our success.

So please, zip through our website and feel free to contact us if you have questions, would like something explained or wish to schedule an estimate or project.

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